taiga.io, docker & nginx

At work we are using yodiz as our project management tool of choice. It contains loads of features, but is sooo slow, that it makes the smallest interaction feel like a lengthy torture.

Since this hindrance directly lowers the quality of any actions done in the app, like adding new issues, moving tasks, adding comment, moving responsibility etc. A new contender have emerged,
taiga, and it happens to be open source!

I wanted to test this sexy little thing in a "self hosted" environment, which means stuffing it into a docker image, and running it on digital ocean, also the home for this blog.

First challenge: more than one service using port 80. Docker does not alow this automaticly, so I went on an initial quest to find a solution, a reverse proxy-thing. After half a sencond of googling, nginx-proxy was found. I immediately ran it,
it crashed,
I stopped my blog, started the proxy, started my blog,
it crashed,
I changed ports on the blog, added an environment variable, and started it
Success, my blog was back!

Then, after fiddling about for hours with taiga-docker, a "complete" docker-project, I gave up.
I COULD NOT FOR THE FUCKING LIFE OF ME GET THE FUCKING SCRIPTS TO FUCKING RUN But then i found some even more magic, a container buildt on shutit, some orcestration tool I had never heard of.
After some careful chaning of ports and environment settigs in the script, IT WORKED. (taiga.ragesheep.com/)

And so far, it looks easily fast enough, even for a gimpy 500mg ram server.

Next episode, if I feel bothered enough, SSL! FUCK YEAH! ENCRYPTION!

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