BitTorrent Sync continued

The joy of really cool software thats still in beta.

The BT-sync client on windows (my main computer) is only partially aware of the concept "Encrypted Keys".
It's been added in code, but not in GUI.

This post helps clarify somewhat, but I will pitch in my added knowledge.

You can not automaticly make your exisitng shares encrypted.
But you CAN do the same procedure on all nodes, and not needing to sync amost them.

From the windows gui, given a read/write-share

Version 1.4.103Beta of the BitTorrent Sync for Windows.

  • Click on a shares preferences
  • Click the 'View Key' Link.
  • Copy the Read & Write key.
  • Click on the 'Update key..' button.
  • Paste the Read & Write into the new key field.
  • Change the first character from A to D.
  • This is an identifier for the type of key.
  • After this is done, go look at the keys for the share again. It should now display a new key: 'Encrypted key'.
Onto the dockerizing!
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