ASP.VNEXT, NancyFx, Linux, Mono, Docker, Kestrel

  • I wanted an app.
  • Written in C#.
  • Using my favorite framework for webapps: NancyFx.
  • I wanted to be cutting edge, and use asp.vnext.
  • I wanted to host it on my linux server the cheapest one.
  • I wanted to run it within docker.
  • I wanted cross platform development, so Kestrel was chosen for running the app.
  • I wanted a backend, and RethinkDB looked shiny enough.

This was actually worked.

I installed the dnu/dnx/dnvm-things from Microsoft, It countains all the new cool bits and pieces needed to develop and run .NET.
Using atom, with omnisharp and yeoman.

I got a project up and running fast, and found a semi-compatible client for rethinkdb. But had to write my own session-code to avoid having the deprecated Configuration from earlier .NET apps rain on my parade.

I added nancy through OWIN, and a quick demo-query inside a module, spitting out some JSON, just to see of the bits was talking to each other.


I built an image with docker, posted it to a registry.

I added a container with RethinkDB to my server, then
ran my own container, with a link to the RethinkDB-one. and LO and BEHOLD:

It works!.

As a side note, i watched Ben Hall at NDC Oslo 2015 and much of his talk was exactly what i had done a few weeks prior.

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