BT Sync and docker, not streamlined yet.

After hours of fiddling to get stuff up and running, including modifying the scripts to get docker to run it, I was unable to make my »

BitTorrent Sync continued

The joy of really cool software thats still in beta. The BT-sync client on windows (my main computer) is only partially aware of the concept "Encrypted »

Attempting bittorrent sync and docker

One of the hassles with using bt-sync as a replacement for dropbox is it's obvious lack of a sentralized storage. I thought i could fix this »


So, I finally got my invite to Ello. After all the hype it got just a few weeks back, I am a bit dissapointed not to »

I want all people could be using secure transmitions at some point. me aswell, in this blog, thats not yet on https.... A good startup/thingy »